Sweeping sandy streets

20:06, Feb 06 2013
sandy streets
SAND SWEEPER: Joe Chue keeps the sand from his restaurant door in Moana Ave.

Joe Chue is sweeping outside his Orewa restaurant and takeaway 10 times a day.

Not because he's an obsessive cleaner - it's to clear sand blown in by the strong easterly winds.

He says the Auckland Council or Auckland Transport should be doing the job because he has a business to run.

Others in the Moana Ave area, among the worst hit streets, have a similar view. Some say they have tried and did see workers one day. But the sand remains, or keeps blowing back.

One restaurant and bar manager says patrons don't have to go to the nearby beach. They can get sand between their toes at their outdoor tables.

Signs have gone up in some shop doors warning visitors to be careful of the slippery pavement.

And motorists are returning to find their parked cars appear to be surrounded by dunes.

Fulton Hogan's sub-contractor Inter Clean sweeps the area regularly and was there on Friday. The sweepers tried on Monday morning too but couldn't get around parked cars so returned later that night, an Auckland Transport spokesman says.

The sweeping frequency has increased while on-shore winds continue.


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