Mayor impressed with Omaha community

20:06, Feb 06 2013

A visit to a dotterel colony and a proposed scientific reserve, a surf club call, a quarry track walk, a briefing on the Whangateau Harbour and a public meeting were all in a day's work at Omaha for mayor Len Brown.

More than 100 people were at the meeting on Saturday to discuss community issues including harbour protection, setnets and other local concerns.

Mr Brown was joined by Auckland Council chief executive Doug McKay and chief financial officer Roger Blakeley, Auckland Rodney ward councillor Penny Webster and Rodney MP Mark Mitchell.

"A wonderful afternoon . . .," Mr Brown posted on Facebook. "Outstanding residents' association, 93 per cent of residents are members, very passionate and effective. Very impressed with the community and their dotterel colony."


Rodney Times