One-way traffic idea for Warkworth

16:00, Feb 11 2013
WARKWORTH WOES: A major roading upgrade is progressing but an engineer says he has a one-way system which would be better.

There is no shortage of opinions on Warkworth's traffic, including a one-way street system suggestion.

Andrew Leonard of Warkworth has devised such a system for Warkworth's town centre and is keen to take the plan further.

But Auckland Transport does not appear to be interested.

Mr Leonard says traffic around Warkworth is slow and there are often queues. A one-way street system would be a simple and effective solution, he says.

Under his proposal, Mill Rd, Queen St and Neville St would become a clockwise one-way system.

Mr Leonard is a project engineer with a background in structural engineering. But his idea and submission to Auckland Transport comes as a concerned citizen.


"One of the attractions of this is that there is nothing, apart from road markings, to change," he says.

"There are no holdups, there are no traffic lights, there are no give ways. It's flowing all the time.

"It seemed obvious to me. Looking at a queue on Mill Lane gave me that idea," Mr Leonard says.

But an Auckland Transport response does not hint at change soon.

The former Rodney District Council engaged a consultant to undertake a Traffic Impact Assessment of a proposed one-way system for Warkworth town centre which was completed in 2008.

The conclusions were that there were benefits and disadvantages of such a system. It would have cost about $500,000 and Auckland Transport road corridor operations manager Andrew Allen says that could not be justified.

However, he says design options for a "major upgrade" at the Hill St intersection are progressing.

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