Horses poisoned in Red Beach

18:34, Feb 11 2013
Poisoned Horses
DRUG CONCOCTION: This bag of drugs was dropped by three youths as they ran from the paddock on Thursday afternoon.

A horse and foal survived the weekend after being fed a dangerous assortment of prescription drugs by youths.

Eighteen-year-old Annie and her month-old foal Revvy were grazing in a Red Beach paddock when a woman saw three young men with a plastic bag of pills near them at around 4pm last Thursday.

Owner Amber-Leigh Erasmus says the walker scared the youths and they dropped the bag and ran off.

Poisoned Horses
FOAL FELLED: Amber-Leigh Erasmus with now one-month-old foal Revvy before it was fed a mix of prescription drugs while grazing in Red Beach.

"I was out riding when police called but when I finished I checked the messages, dropped everything and went straight there," Amber-Leigh says.

"Dad was already with the police. The foal didn't want to get up and was sweating and shaking."

Neighbours helped load the horses on to a float at the William Bayes Place paddock and relocated them to Okura, where Amber-Leigh lives.


Large bumps started to surface around Annie's stomach and she quickly lost weight from stress.

"The vet said if the dose of drugs was any higher we would have had a different story."

Blood tests were taken and results showed the bumps were a result of what was digested.

"We took the pills that were left in the plastic bag to Red Beach Pharmacy. They said they were a mix of anti-depressants, an antacid, anti-inflammatories, nausea pills and some unidentified ones."

This is the second attack against Amber-Leigh's horses at Red Beach in a year.

Two were graffitied by youths in May.

She moved them for eight months after the attack.

"I had only recently moved them back to help cut back some of the grass in the paddock. Quite a few neighbours and people love having the horses there but they won't be there any longer."

Sergeant Steve Perris says the file has been referred to a youth investigator.

"In the next few weeks evidence will be analysed, and witnesses spoken to," Mr Perris says.

"Depending on the ages of the offenders, prosecution will vary."

Mr Perris says anyone with information should call Orewa police on 09 426 4555.

Amber-Leigh says the community has been extremely supportive.

"Children have gone around collecting carrots and apples to give to the horses. One lady has donated a bag of supplements. I've received donations towards my vet bills and someone even did grocery shopping for me.

"Everyone is rallying together. I couldn't ask for a better community."

Amber-Leigh says she would like the culprits caught.

"What I really want is a sincere apology and some help with the costs."

She also runs a horse training facility in Okura called Northwind Sporthorses.

Her family lives in Red Beach.

Search ‘Annie And Revvy Their Story' on for updates on the horses' recovery.


A horse was killed in a collision between two vehicles at Kumeu on Saturday.

Police say a float with two horses in it was hit in the crash at the Old North Rd and Old Railway Rd intersection just after 4pm.

The two drivers were uninjured.

Thieves risked electric shocks when they snatched a miniature pony from a Taupaki farm in a separate incident.

They cut a live electric fence to steal a skewbald brown and white horse last Wednesday night from the Nixon Rd property.

Resident Bryan Jackson says the culprits cut the wires, folded them back and led the animal through the battery-powered fence.

"They've had a few bashes when they cut it," he says. "They were lucky it wasn't connected to the mains or we would've heard a squeak up at the house."

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