Students join Jetman in video project

16:00, Feb 18 2013
SUCCESSFUL SHOOT: Children from Wellsford School and Living Way Christian School with Jetman and his jetpack.

Ready, jet set and go for your dreams.

That is the message Wellsford resident and singer Emily Lentino, or stagename Emme, wants children to know - not to give up on their dreams no matter how bleak their circumstances may seem.

With that in mind, Emily teamed up with Jetman Yves Rossy to film a 30 second video on the Lentinos' Springhill farm last Wednesday for the Starship Foundation.

More than 30 children from Wellsford School and Living Way Christian School joined in on the music project which was shot to a music track, Dare To Dream, a song Emily penned together with New Zealand songwriter Bryan Bell.

The video will feature Jetman swooping overhead in the sky on his jetpack with the children sitting on the hills of Springhill farm watching him.

The camera will then zoom in on the children and little speech bubbles will be added to appear above their heads, allowing people inside the children's dreams and aspirations, Emily says.


The idea for a video with Jetman came when Emily's husband Tony, an aviation enthusiast, had a vision of Jetman flying over the Lentinos' Wellsford property.

The Lentinos met Yves and Fouzia when Yves used the family's helicopter for his air stunt at The New Zealand Airshow held during Auckland Anniversary weekend.

"We asked Yves if he would be interested in helping us create an advertisement to promote Starship Foundation, and he agreed," Emily says.

"Yves also has a love for children, so it was cool to speak to him about our similar interests in helping kids, and inspiring them.

Emily has a background in teaching children theatre, music, and dance, and she also runs an arts and theatre class out of Wellsford School's hall. The video is directed by New Zealand film-maker Ferg Milner who got in touch with Kiwi cinematographer Simon Temple to assemble a film crew to shoot the video. Some of the film members have also worked on The Hobbit.

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