Unitary Plan stomps on Orewa's wishes

16:00, Feb 25 2013
Wayne Walker
NO SAY: Albany Ward councillor Wayne Walker says the Draft Unitary Plan has a total disregard for the community, approving six-storey developments in the Orewa town centre.

Despite major opposition from residents Orewa is to become a six-storey development town.

A heated discussion during an Auckland Plan Committee meeting last Wednesday concluded with a disappointing result for Orewa in the Draft Unitary Plan, Albany ward councillor Wayne Walker says.

"It was a very contentious meeting. The results were disturbing.

"The Hibiscus and Bays Local Area Plan was completely disregarded," Mr Walker says.

"The accepted Draft Unitary Plan promotes a level of high rise development in Orewa that is unacceptable."

The Draft Unitary Plan has zoned Orewa township for developments of up to six storeys.


It has also zoned most of Orewa to the north and south of the town centre, between Hibiscus Coast Highway in the east and Centreway Rd in the West, for developments of up to five storeys.

The Local Area Plan recommended four storeys for the town centre and low density for surrounding areas.

"The local plan was widely publicised and included a lot of engagement with the community," Mr Walker says.

"The local plan that would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars was meant to plug into the Unitary Plan. But it was literally overlooked. They didn't include any of the recommendations made in it."

Mr Walker says infrastructure concerns didn't phase the Unitary Plan Committee, let alone environment issues such as flooding, stormwater and transport.

"The Unitary Plan Committee have this notion that one size fits all. That just doesn't work. You've got parts of Auckland that have special characteristics. It just won't work," Mr Walker says.

"We will have a wall of buildings along Hibiscus Coast Highway if this draft gets finalised. Thankfully it is still a draft, people need to get their heads together and put in submissions."

The Draft Unitary Plan will be released and open for feedback and submissions from March 15 until late May.

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