Two-hour parking in Orewa

17:00, Jul 24 2013
PARKING CHANGES: Orewa town centre from Moenui Ave to Florence Ave gets two-hour maximum parking from Saturday.

Two-hour parking limits are being introduced across Orewa township from this weekend.

Auckland Transport has to change 88 parking signs and numerous parking zone painted lines during the weekend in the zone from Moenui Ave in the south to Florence Ave in the north, along from the Hibiscus Coast Highway to Centreway Rd.

Destination Orewa Beach did a business association survey in May 2012 asking what members felt the most appropriate level of parking enforcement was.

Fifty-four per cent say they support two hours of free parking.

"Since then we have been working closely with Auckland Transport to implement this new parking plan which is intended to create more parking in the town centre for visitors and shoppers," Destination Orewa Beach operations manager Hellen Hyndman says.

"The parking enforcement hours will be Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Outside of these times no restrictions apply.


"The existing differing parking restrictions are confusing. That has meant a large number of parking signs in a small area. The new restrictions provide consistency through the town.

"This will reduce the number of parking signs from 108 to 65, reduce footpath clutter, improve the streetscape and provide a safer walking environment."

Ms Hyndman says people currently working in the town centre have had the luxury of parking very near their place of work, and the new time limits may concern some workers.

"But the limits will be a welcome enhancement to visitors and shoppers who will now be able to park close by the businesses they need to visit," Ms Hyndman says.

Rodney Times