Quad bike death in Warkworth

23:42, Jul 25 2013

A 72-year-old Warkworth man was found dead after his quad bike rolled on him last night.

Family searched the 121 hectare property near Pohuehue for him for more than three hours.

Police have identified the dead man as Eric Schollum.

Mr Schollum was found with his quad bike on top of him, police say.

He was an experienced quad bike rider and lived in the area for a long time, Constable Colin Nuttall of the police serious crash unit says.

They were notified at 5.20pm last night that the man had failed to return, and family and neighbours had searched for him for several hours before calling police.

Search and rescue staff were sent, along with the police helicopter.

The man was found by family at 5.50pm in a gully. 

Fire fighters helped police recover the man's body.

Police are returning to the scene this morning to continue investigations.

A post mortem examination is being done and the matter will be referred to the coroner.


Rodney Times