The word on the street is Pae Moana

Pae Moana Place will be the name of the access way for the development next the Raiders league grounds.
Jay Boreham

Pae Moana Place will be the name of the access way for the development next the Raiders league grounds.

Alfred Peter has been given the boot from a Stanmore Bay street in favour of a name more fitting to it's coastal feel.

Hibiscus Coast Local Board members were asked to approve the name for the new access way to a subdivision at 12 Te Ruru Way, overlooking the Hibiscus Coast Raiders Rugby League Club grounds in Stanmore Bay, at a meeting of the board on Wednesday.

Alfred Way was the original name chosen for 12 Te Ruru Limited's 11-lot subdivision, but was rejected by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), as it was already used in the Auckland area.

To make the road name unique it was altered to include the name Peter, which is the christian name of the developers nephew, and also her father's name.

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The developer stated she does not have any children and was not likely to have any more nephews.

Consultation with iwi saw Moana Way as the preferred name by Ngati Manuhiri, referring to the sea or ocean.

This too could not be used as Moana had already been used a number of times in the area, including Moana Ave in Orewa.

The LINZ database showed no other occurrences of Alfred Peter in the Auckland area and the name was deemed to meet council's road naming guidelines.

But before the local board made its decision it received a deputation from nine out of the 10 property owners in the subdivision about their access way's name.

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They felt the name Alfred Peter had no relationship to their street and wanted a name that reflected the area.

The property owner's choice was Pae Moana Place - Pae Moana meaning sea horizon.

The local board decided to favour the resident's choice, Hibiscus and Bays Local Board chairwoman Julia Parfitt said.

LINZ changes, that see infill housing access ways now having to be named - rather than adding street numbers to an existing street - would see the local board dealing with more street namings, she said.

"Usually when we look at it for a greenfield subdivision we do take into account what the developers suggestion is, and what the local iwi's suggestions are, but I think with these types of applications in the future we will be looking more to what the local residents would like the name to be called."

People should actually have some ability to influence it themselves because they are the people who are living there," Parfitt said.

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