Mother returns to fight

A convicted killer jailed for life for murder and serving preventative detention for rape and kidnapping faces the prospect of full release after nearly 17 years in prison.

But in a bid to keep Hayden Joseph Taylor of Helensville behind bars or at least subject to tough restrictions, victim Nicola Rankin's mum Carol is arriving from overseas especially for the December 9 Parole Board hearing in Wellington.

Another of Taylor's victims, who survived, also expects to be there.

Taylor was on bail for an attack on the surviving victim when in September 1996 he picked up Nicola Rankin, 18, from Matua Rd in Huapai, near the police station, killed her and buried her in Riverhead Forest.

Her grave is now in West Auckland's Waikumete Cemetery. But Carol won't have a chance to visit it this time as she's flying directly in and out of Wellington within days.

For the past six years Carol has been fighting to keep Taylor locked up, returning from overseas for parole hearings. She has been advised that Taylor has been working weekdays outside of prison and has had a number of home visits.

"I will be asking that he not be released back to the Helensville or Kumeu area if he is allowed out," Carol says.

"I dislike the idea of him driving past the place where he harassed Nicola."

She's never forgiven Taylor and says she has to live with his actions every day.

"It feels like yesterday, even though it's been 17 years," Carol says.

"I lost everything - we had a comfortable home and happy kids."

Carol says she'll never return to Kumeu to live, although she might come back to New Zealand.

"We got restless and can't settle. We've been out of the country six years and travel around in a caravan."

Carol says police and others have been very supportive and she has been assured that if Taylor is released he will be monitored.

But a woman who went to school with Taylor says she is fearful of Taylor's possible release into the community.

Carol says she's willing to take submissions from people concerned about the issue to the December 9 hearing.

Rodney Times