Birthday gift goes to helicopter trust

16:00, Nov 27 2013
MEDICAL EVAC: A 15-year-old girl with suspected neck injuries after a fall at Shakespear Regional Park on November 22 is readied for her hospital trip aboard the Westpac rescue helicopter.

John Taylor frequently sees the Westpac rescue helicopter heading to emergencies.

His Manly home is under the chopper's flight path.

"I often take a moment to wonder who's waiting on the other end for them to get there and what has led to them being called in the first place," he says.

So he opted to ask friends and family to make a donation to the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust instead of giving him a birthday present.

About $500 was raised - enough for an hour of fuel for the chopper.

"Being a boatie myself and a local resident, I'm very conscious of the need to support the rescue helicopter because you just never know when you might need them yourself," John says.


Fellow Hibiscus Coast resident and helicopter crew chief Herby Barnes was impressed with the gesture.

"What an incredibly unselfish gift to make on John's part but we've also got to acknowledge the generosity of his friends," Herby says.

The helicopter is heading for another record rescue year in the Rodney/Hibiscus Coast area, having done 76 missions to date.

John encourages others to help.

"If I have seen that rescue helicopter a lot this year I know that summer will see them flying over my home a heck of a lot more often.

"I reckon if you are able to financially support the rescue helicopter you should - they provide such an amazing service to our entire community," John says.

Go to to help fund one of the many summer rescues.

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