Explosives found on Wellsford property

03:36, Nov 27 2013

Police evacuated several houses as a precaution after explosives were found on a Wellsford private property.

The New Zealand Defence Force bomb disposal unit was called to the Port Albert Rd property around 10.55am today after several explosives were found.

The explosives are believed to be rail detonators,Sergeant Kellie Bissett of the Wellsford police says.

''Several detonators were found by a contractor at the address, who informed the home owner,'' Ms Bissett says.

The detonators are small, round discs about 6cm in diameter and 8mm thick.

''While the explosives have the ability to cause some damage, they were no real risk unless they were directly interfered with,'' Ms Bissett says.


The bomb unit removed the explosives and detonated them off-site.

''We don't know how long they had been on the property or how they came to be there," Ms Bissett says.

"But they aren't uncommon for the area."

The site was cleared by 1.20pm.

Rail detonators are typically used as a warning, caution or stop signal when signals are difficult to see, such as in dense fog.

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