Sign saves walking man

16:00, Dec 04 2013
Ron Judd
LITTLE DAMAGE: Mozaik Cafe owner Ron Judd shows where the vehicle lost control and ended up between his car and a delivery truck.

A man had a lucky escape when an elderly man lost control of his car in an Orewa car park on Tuesday.

The car was halted by a disabled parking sign, which lifted its wheels off the ground and stopped it travelling on to the footpath where the man, an Auckland Council health inspector, was walking.

Mozaik Cafe owner Ron Judd says the elderly man was parking his car in the old Mad Butcher car park on Moana Ave when it suddenly accelerated. It drove across the car park, hit Mr Judd's car and then drove up the post with the engine revving and wheels spinning in the air.

"I think he hit the wrong pedal," Mr Judd says.

The driver of a truck nearby quickly removed the ignition keys to stop the car's wheels spinning.

The health inspector, who did not want to be identified, says he was walking on the pavement in the path of the car at the time.


"He would have taken me out. I heard this roaring sound and then a bang," he says.

Mr Judd says both parties had lucky escapes.

He says the damage to his car was no concern and he is just glad everyone is OK.

Monday and Tuesday crashes included one on the Dairy Flat Highway between Kahikatea Flat Rd and Wilks Rd about 7.30am on Tuesday, Stillwater Cres in Stillwater at 12.50pm on Tuesday and State Highway 16 between Kumeu and Huapai at 1.43pm on Monday.

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