Hannah looks forward to starring role in show

16:00, Dec 11 2013
Hannah Underwood
SWITCH FLICKER: Hannah Underwood, 6, has been practising turning on Christmas tree lights at home before her big moment at the Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park on Saturday night.

Lucky Hannah Underwood will have two dreams come true on Saturday night at Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park.

She will be famous and get to meet Stan Walker.

The Stanmore Bay 6-year-old won the chance with Vector to turn on the lights of the 21 metre tall solar-powered Christmas tree as part of the event's finale at the Auckland Domain.

"I always wanted to be famous, so people know me," Hannah says.

Mother Karen entered her in the competition and got a call on Tuesday to say she had won.

"I picked her up from Red Beach School and told her I had a big surprise."


Hannah has only seen Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park on television but isn't worried about being in front of such a huge crowd.

"I want to be by myself on stage [not with mum]. I've been on a stage before at my school show."

She has been practising flicking on her family's Christmas tree lights in preparation for the big moment.

"They do a big countdown from 10 and then I turn the lights on, and there are fireworks going off."

The Underwoods decorated their own Christmas tree on December 1.

"Last Christmas I sneaked out of bed and unwrapped one present. It was a bracelet," Hannah says.

But there have already been promises made so that won't happen again.

"I'm going to leave a coin out for Santa this time. A $2 one."

Hannah hasn't quite worked out what she is going to say to Stan Walker when she meets him backstage but she might tell him her favourite song is Bulletproof.

"He is one of my favourite singers."

The family receives VIP passes and will enjoy front-row seats.

Hannah hasn't decided how she is going to rise to stardom when she is older but she has a few skills that might help her along the way.

"I'm really good at drawing. I draw flowers, trees and rainbows."

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