Club votes on changes

16:00, Dec 11 2013
Peninsula Golf
GROUND BREAKER: Peninsula Golf Club foundation member of 58 years Joan Earwaker, 81, and club chairman Patrick Kennelley turn the first sod at Wainui.

Changes to the Peninsula Golf Club development project have caused ripples among club members.

The club voted at a meeting on Monday to vary the "walk off-walk on agreement" it had with developers PLDL.

The club is effectively swapping its Red Beach site with a new one being built by developers in Wainui, along with an exchange of cash.

After 187 members voted in favour, the club will now allow developers to work on stage 1, 2A and 2B at the Red Beach site before the other course in Wainui is finished. Eighty-eight members voted against the proposed changes.

The club's board had kept the proposed changes under wraps from members while finer details were being nutted out, causing some alarm.

A petition signed by members was presented to the board last month calling for a special meeting for more information.


The board responded saying it did not feel it was in a position for a meeting until this week because a number of issues had to be resolved in the proposed changes.

The changes will see stage 1 released to the developers in January 2015, stage 2A in October 2015 and stage 2B in January 2016.

The proposal states members will still have a 12-hole course to play with at Red Beach until January 2016, and a 9-hole course until they leave the site.

The Wainui course completion date is March 2016, opening in October.

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