Dumping of soil on beach was contractor's boo-boo

16:00, Dec 18 2013
ROD Shed
OOPS, SORRY: Matakatia Bay residents were appalled when two truckloads of soil were mistakenly delivered to their Whangaparaoa beachfront.

A mistake by an Auckland Council contractor has raised the ire of residents who thought dumpers had left a large amount of dirt on their beach front.

Two truck loads of clay were tipped on to the reserve in Matakatia Bay, Whangaparaoa, on Friday afternoon.

At first the community believed the two metre high mounds were for beach repairs to the storm damaged coastline, resident Alex Taylor says.

But a call to the Auckland Council soon established no earthworks were planned at the site and the council knew nothing about the dirt, he says.

Trudy Parsons-Smith says she and the rest of the community were set to find those responsible for the dumping.

Further investigations by the council found the soil was placed in error by a council contractor who thought soil fill was required for a summer renovation job, council local and sports parks north manager Martin van Jaarsveld says.

"The two piles of fill that were left at Matakatia Bay on Friday have now been removed," he says. "The only work required at Matakatia Bay, to repair recent storm damage and prepare for visitors over the summer, is some repositioning of rocks and sand already on the beach."

This work will be done later this week.


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