Stingray gives birth after being caught in net

16:00, Jan 13 2014
BEACH BIRTH: Mum stingray delivered pups in the Red Beach shallows after she was accidentally pulled in by a net.

Debbie Bayes played midwife to a stingray having a litter of pups in the Red Beach shallows.

The Red Beach resident saw a man pull a stingray from a net on Friday about 10.30am.

The stingray started to give birth once it was released.

"The first baby popped out upside down and flipped itself over. It then swam away.

"The mum stayed there and another baby came about 15 minutes later," Mrs Bayes says.

A third baby arrived, but it took longer to flip over.


The final baby was even slower.

"We thought it might have been dead, so I helped flip it over. It then swam off too."

Mrs Bayes says the mum was relaxed while the babies were being delivered.

"Afterwards she was wobbling around, burying herself in the sand until the tide came in enough for her to swim, and then off she went."

Stingrays are viviparous where the embryo develops in the female's uterus and the live young are born fully formed after up to a year.

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