Dotcom enters politics

16:00, Jan 15 2014
INTERNET PARTY: Mega founder Kim Dotcom has unveiled his own political party.
SERIOUS CONTENDER: Kim Dotcom’s call for internet privacy, internet freedom, and more government transparency will strike a chord with many.

This year's elections will be of special interest in the north with the Conservative Party, lead by Albany resident Colin Craig, a possible National coalition partner.

Mr Craig's at times controversial views, including that being gay is a "choice", admitting he has smacked his daughter, and being uncertain if people have actually walked on the moon, have raised eyebrows and left some nervous at his party being a serious player.

Now Coatesville man and internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is throwing his hat in the political ring, the general elections later this year promise to be like no other.

With typical flamboyance, his Internet Party details were to be revealed at a "Party Party" at Shed 10 on the Auckland waterfront that would also celebrate his 40th birthday, double as a launch for his new music album. Dotcom also offered 2000 free seats up for grabs.

Registration for the free seats flew out the door in just a few hours on Tuesday.

By early evening 10,000 people had registered for the event, Mr Dotcom advised via Twitter. Then in a surprise development, just four hours later Mr Dotcom tweeted the Vector Arena was booked and confirmed with ticket registration reopened.


This then saw concerned Party Party goers questioning if their previous tickets were still valid.

A confirmed booking by the Rodney Times showed it was no joke.

Not a New Zealand citizen, Mr Dotcom can't stand for Parliament but can still play a central role as party leader or president.

His appeal is likely to include libertarian and young internet savvy voters, with some commentators saying the party could cause problems for both National and Labour, particularly if disaffected non-voters join him.

Rodney Times