Winery tour has more than Luck

16:00, Jan 22 2014
WINERY TOUR: The Exponents are going on tour, with Matakana’s Ascension Wine Estate their destination for February 1.

It takes more than luck to put together a tour spanning 17 locations in one month from Tutukaka to Invercargill.

But Jordan Luck of the Exponents is sure to be a major drawcard alongside Stan Walker and Breaks Co-Op at the Classic Hits Winery Tour, which takes in Matakana's Ascension Wine Estate on February 1.

The top male vocalist at the 1992 NZ Music Awards has been catching up with some of the people who have done it before "and they rave about it", he says.

"I honestly think it's not like touring, it just sounds like three days here, then four days holiday.

"And touring with Stan and Breaks Co-Op sounds like it's going to be a riot on tour so it's flippin' glorious."

The Exponents shot to fame in the 1980s and 1990s with hits like Victoria, Why Does Love Do This To Me and I'll Say Goodbye.


"Sometimes I don't need to sing," Luck says.

"There are about five or six songs in the set that the audience take over and I go ‘yay!'."

"They're louder than the band if there's a good group of them and it's brilliant," he says.

"It's like there's a huge wave coming towards me, it's deafening."

The success of songs like Victoria, voted No 8 in a list of New Zealand's top songs of all time by APRA, and the ever popular Why Does Love Do This To Me have even taken Luck by surprise.

"Why Does Love Do This To Me is about 20 years old now and some of the Exponents songs, they've gone into another realm - they're popular culture.

"People know the song but they don't necessarily connect it to the band.

"It's sort of like [Dave] Dobbyn songs. You know the song but you don't necessarily connect it to Dave or Dragon or whoever it might be.

"The song sort of takes on a life of its own," he says.

The Exponents' debut single Victoria is 32 years old. Did Luck expect it to be reach such popular status when he wrote it?

"Absolutely not! No way man. If you think of your song when you write it as children, and once they're recorded you kind of let go of them and then they turn into teenagers.

"Victoria, being 32, she's just had her own kids and now you're going ‘uh-oh'!"

The Exponents are joining forces with a couple of new faces for the tour.

"The Exponents don't really rehearse but we are this time around because we've got Bryan Bell of The Dead Flowers and Brett Adams from The Bads, so we're working through arrangements and structures of the songs."

Rehearsals aren't part of the band's usual routine.

"We kind of knew the songs because we were touring so much that we'd just go into the studio and record it."

With his individual sense of humour, Luck says the band usually put on the illusion they know what they're doing.

"That's all the practice: ‘Oh yeah, it looks right, it sounds right, let's pretend that it is'."

However they did it, it worked and The Exponents have become a New Zealand household name. In 2007, Luck was the first inductee into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame at APRA Silver Scroll Awards.

The tour starts in Hamilton on January 31 and finishes in Blenheim on March 1.

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