'Shocked at the carnage' to tree

16:00, Jan 22 2014
Arkles Bay
TREE BASHING: Hibiscus and Bays Local Board member Greg Sayers checks vandalism damage to Arkles Bay pohutukawa trees.

Vandals have badly damaged seven pohututukawa trees at an Arkles Bay reserve.

Branches were broken overnight on Monday and a number of those trees are now deformed, Hibiscus and Bays Local Board deputy chairman Greg Sayers says.

It's the second reported incident this month involving vandalism to Hibiscus Coast pohutukawa.

About 10 young trees were smashed on an Orewa reserve around New Year's Day.

"The Arkles Bay community was shocked at the carnage done," Mr Sayers says.

"Other bays have also been targeted over the Christmas period and these vandals should be brought to justice."


Police are investigating.

Mr Sayers wants an end to such acts and asks the Auckland Council to continue to prosecute those responsible and to gain compensation for the damage.

"Attacks like this intensify over summer when increased numbers of people visit the Hibiscus Coast or are on holiday," he says.

The council can issue a fine of up to $300, and this fine can compound by an additional $300 daily if it remains unpaid or until remedial work is carried out..

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