Development to get public hearing

16:00, Feb 03 2014
Michael Cryer
SET BACK: Matai Rd resource consent applicant Michael Cryer says his project will be put on hold after an Auckland Council commissioner ruled it will need to be publicly notified.

Protesters have won the first round over a controversial proposal for a 14-bedroom Stanmore Bay home, which will now require full public notification.

A resource consent application for the Matai Rd property has been put on hold with commissioners ruling full public notification is needed.

The application created a stir in the neighbourhood with concerns it would cause an influx of residents and their vehicles on one site.

Marty Baker
GOOD RESULT: Matai Rd resident and consent opposer Marty Baker.

The Auckland Council duty commissioner ruled the application would have to go to full public notification.

"We are all delighted the council planners and commissioner have seen fit to assess the application in the broader context," Stanmore Bay resident and consent protester Marty Baker says.

"The support we have received has been overwhelming. It is clear Whangaparaoa residents are very much ready to fight against inappropriate buildings being approved."


The application was for a 278.9 square metre relocated dwelling with a small timber retaining wall, and for an existing 85sqm dwelling to be considered as a minor household unit.

Neighbours Graham and Anya Dyson say they are glad the application will now receive an appropriate level of scrutiny through the hearing process.

Consent opposers say they know this was only round one, unless the application is withdrawn.

Property owner Michael Cryer says the result has put the brakes on his plans.

"I might just leave it be for a while and worry about it when the time comes. I'll put it on hold for the time being."

Mr Cryer disputes the house could create problems or be out of character.

"I bought the building and site purely as an opportunity to take a beautiful big building and restore it."

An Auckland Council spokesperson says if a resource consent applicant withdraws their application, they can still submit an application for the same property at a future date.

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