Who art thou?

16:00, Feb 10 2014
Chalk Artist
ART POOL: Iris Liu, 13, makes sure the pathway lily pond isn’t real while walking the Te Ara Tahuna Estuary path. The mystery chalk artist is sought.
Chalk Artist
FRIGHTFUL SIGHT: Stick to the path to avoid the abyss.
Chalk Artist
DOG GONE: A footpath bone burial.
Chalk Artist
CALAMARI CRACK: Watch out for the giant squid.

A $100 reward is on offer to find a mystery artist.

But this is no police investigation. Instead it's a way to thank whoever did the chalk artwork delighting users of the 7.5km Te Ara Tahuna Estuary Cycleway and Walkway.

The reward is a Casablanca restaurant voucher and it's being offered by Destination Orewa Beach.

The artwork started appearing overnight from January 10.

Pictures include giant squid tentacles appearing from a footpath crack, a dog burying a bone, a lily pond, a bridge over an abyss, and more.

Destination Orewa Beach's Hellen Wilkins says several attempts to find the person have failed.


She is now calling for the artist to take credit for their work with an invitation to extend their creativity to Orewa's town centre and collect the voucher.

"The art has received so many positive comments it would be great to let them loose on Orewa," Mrs Wilkins says.

"I don't want to stomp on the artist's mystery if they want to remain anonymous, but hopefully they will be happy to ‘come out' and at least chat to me."

The artist will receive the voucher even if he or she wants to remain anonymous.

"As long as I can get to talk to them, regardless of any outcome, they will get the voucher," Mrs Wilkins says.

"But if they are willing, we would love for them to create random pieces around Orewa where they choose, during the day or night."

To claim the prize they will need to create a drawing to prove they are the real deal.

The artist is wanted to help create a lead up to a Paint the Town event on March 22, which will include a mural in Bakehouse Lane.

Contact Hellen Wilkins on 09 426 2638.

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