Home owner accidentally starts fire

16:00, Feb 19 2014
QUICK ACTION: A fire was quickly put out at an Orewa home after a DIY project went wrong.

A DIY project turned to near disaster for an Orewa home owner after a window sill caught fire.

But quick thinking and prompt use of a garden hose saved the day.

The owner was burning paint off a window sill with a heat gun when a small blaze started on Monday afternoon, Silverdale Fire Service senior station officer Jake Kennedy says.

"There was a small fire in the timber framing of the house, but it was contained in the structure of the building. The home owner did a good job of putting it out quickly with a garden hose," Mr Kennedy says.

Shane Turnwald says his Hatton Rd neighbour came knocking on his door in a panic asking for help.

"She didn't know what to do, so I called emergency services.

"I saw smoke billowing from the roof. The Fire Service arrived impressively fast and cracked open the window sills trying to find the source."

Mr Kennedy says heat guns are like a really hot hairdryer. They melt and bubble the paint so you can scrape it off.

"That's what she was doing at the time, getting the window frames ready to be repainted."


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