Sirens to be tested

16:00, Mar 17 2014

Tsunami sirens will be tested when daylight saving ends on April 6.

Whangarei and Kaipara District tsunami sirens will be tested in coastal and harbour locations along the east coast from Bland Bay in the north of the Whangarei District, south through to Mangawhai Heads in the Kaipara District.

Sirens will sound for 10 minutes at 9.20am and again for 30 seconds at 10am.

Their blue lights will flash throughout the testing period The network of 73 sirens is managed by Whangarei District Civil Defence emergency management officer Victoria Randall. It is maintained and activated with the assistance of Northpower using the existing ripple control system, free of charge.

Auckland has sirens at Omaha, Pt Wells, Whangateau, Waiwera which it will test around the same weekend.


Rodney Times