Cat owner's pet plea

03:34, Mar 20 2014
HOMELESS HARRY: Harry, pictured two years ago, is now a lot thinner due to his thyroid condition and can be recognised by his shaved neck and stitches.

Concerned owner Diane Petrie is asking people to keep an eye out for her convalescing cat.

Harry was being collected from the Kumeu Vets on Access Rd after an operation last Thursday.

He had just had a thyroid operation and teeth extracted.

Harry was being loaded into Mrs Petrie's car by staff when the crate door came ajar and he escaped out an open window.

Mrs Petrie tracked him through a few gardens and then lost sight of him.

"Unfortunately, it is really industrial around there.


"Access Rd has houses and everything behind is more industrial so we have been going around everyday calling and leaflet dropping.

"There is no sign of him."

Mrs Petrie is hoping someone else may spot Harry.

"He has a shaved neck and stitches so is quite distinctive," she says.

Harry spent the weekend missing in the midst of Cyclone Lusi, although Mrs Petrie says the weather wasn't too bad in their area.

"In some ways it might have been a good thing because then there were puddles around for him to have a drink, rather than it being so dry."

Mrs Petrie adopted Harry as an adult cat a few years ago and thinks he is about 10 years old.

She says he loves to "chat" and meows a lot.

"He is not overly fond of strangers, he just likes to talk."

She has her fingers crossed he recovered and someone will spot him alive and well.

Mrs Petrie suffered another loss when one of her two yellow labradors had to be put down just two weeks ago.

Her second labrador has just been diagnosed with a heart tumour.

"I can't deal with any more - no more loss," she says.

Harry's home is on the other side of Kumeu in Deacon Rd. Anyone who spots Harry can contact Mrs Petrie on 09 412 8865 or 021 217 6496.

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