Development a worry

16:00, Mar 26 2014
Density Dilemma
DENSITY DILEMMA: Brian and Wendy Harrison believe development of 56 houses that places three, three-storey terraced housing on the boundary behind their property is not right for Whangaparaoa.

A proposed housing development is too intensive and will cram people in like "battery hens", residents say.

The Hibiscus Coast project would see 56 two-storey and three-storey terraced and courtyard houses built on reserve land in Whangaparaoa on Link Cres next to Hoyts Cinemas.

A new community house would be built and some of the existing land kept as open space.

The Auckland Council is seeking feedback from nearby residents on its plans to sell the land for the development.

But all Whangaparaoa residents should be concerned and make submissions, Brian and Wendy Harrison say.

"This should be put out to everybody," Mr Harrison says. "Anybody who uses Whangaparaoa Rd should know what traffic is going on to that road."


The development will bring at least 112 more cars on to the road from Link Cres, based on the plans for two-car properties, he says.

This is on top of 120 cars from the 60 newly built Link Apartments across the road which have two car parks each.

The 112 houses being built in the Woodridge Estate on Wade River Rd will also see more than 200 new cars entering Whangaparaoa Rd further along from Link Cres, Mr Harrison says.

The proposed development sets three, three-storey terraced houses along the boundary of the retired couple's bungalow.

They are not against the development but feel it is too intensive.

Mr Harrison believes two bungalows would be better as current plans have the three houses looking straight into his property and blocking the sun until 11am.

Mrs Harrison says the development is also not in keeping with life on the coast where green belts are fast disappearing.

"We do not all want to live like battery hens in high-rises, neither do we want to look at them on our doorsteps."

Wade River Rd resident Selena Duncan's property also borders the proposed development area.

She says many residents threw away flyers informing them of the proposal because they were wrapped in junk mail.

The flyers also came a week after the submission time opened, she says.

As an architectural designer, Mrs Duncan says the number of houses proposed is "astronomical" for the amount of space available.

"It is only 22,000 square metres for all of that area and if they are looking at putting in 56 houses plus a community centre and green space - that's not a whole lot of room," she says.

She too is not against the development and welcomes a community hall, but thinks a change in direction is required.

Current plans will block the sun from existing properties on the Elan Rd boundary and sea views from Wade River Rd, degrading property values, she says.

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