Sweet tooth heaven

The beetroot and dark chocolate creation.
The beetroot and dark chocolate creation.

The Pavilions at Britomart
27 Tyler Street
Open 7 days, 10am til late. 

If you are one of those strange creatures who doesn't enjoy desserts, look away now.

Milse is a restaurant specialising solely on the sweet stuff and boy do they do it well.

If you've wandered through the pavilions area at Britomart, you probably know where it is.

There's usually a line of people outside the door of this tiny establishment next door to Ortolana.

Some of the patient punters are just wanting a gelato stick ($7) to take away or a selection of chocolates.

Others are waiting for one of the handful of tables in the teeny tiny (almost claustrophobic) dining room.

You may have heard stories of people waiting for an hour for a spot.

If you're a dessert fan, it really is worth it.

There isn't another place in Auckland quite like this.

The menu changes seasonally and each dish focuses on a fresh ingredient from the owner's farm.

When we visited, the chosen stars were strawberry, mandarin, beetroot and tomato.

It's hard to describe exactly what Milse does, and I wouldn't want to steal the magic of your first-time experience.

Let's just say that my beetroot and dark chocolate creation was almost too beautiful to eat.

I'm sorry to say I couldn't resist taking out my phone for a photo of my food.

I wanted to stay and order every other dish on the menu, just to see how the chef would approach the different ingredients.

We were pleased to be seated at the tiny bar overlooking the tiny kitchen, so that we could watch the artistic young chefs at work.

They put each plate together so delicately and we loved having a ringside seat.

You'll pay around $20 for your dessert but when you see the work that goes into them, you can hardly complain.

The last mention must go to the wait-staff. They are ever-cheerful, helpful and passionate about the food.

What a pleasure.