Smiles all round after Cannes

22:06, May 11 2010

A Waiheke film about two peace activists is stirring up interest around the globe after its showing in Cannes.

The 47-minute film, "Kit and Maynie. Tea, Scones and Nuclear Disarmament", was made last year by Claudia Pond Eyley and island resident Susi Newborn.

It had its New Zealand premier at the Documentary Edge Festival in March, where it drew the attention of international film distributor Smiley Faces.

The film is about peace activists Kit (now known as Kara) Nelson and Maynie Thompson who live on the island and met selling tea and scones at the Ostend Saturday market.

Smiley Faces took it to the MIPTV Media Market in Cannes last month and has, so far, received interest in screening or distributing the film in Russia, UK, Eastern Europe, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Middle East, Iran and Singapore.

Susi Newborn says the distributor's report back from the Cannes event noted the film "put smiles on a lot of tired buyers' faces".

Meanwhile, she says the film's stars are doing anything but sitting back on their laurels.

Last week, they posted a copy of the DVD to US president Obama and NZ prime minister John Key.

"In spite of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama could stand to learn the real meaning of peace from our two gutsy nonagenarians," Ms Newborn says.


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