Stories provide entertainment fit for a queen

01:00, Jun 09 2010
PASSPORT CONTROL: 10-year-old Daniel Dashwood gets his activity passport stamped by festival characters.

The biannual Queen's Birthday Weekend Waiheke Festival of Story dodged the weather and provided a feast of entertainment for people big and small.

Punters declared the opening night at Artworks "stunning", while Ostend market-goers enjoyed the antics of the festival passport officials, zealously stamping children's activity passports.

A traveling "wheel of queens" resulted in the first female monarch being declared as "Lulu" and the first King of Waiheke as young "William", who was paraded around the market for all the pretenders to see.

Two evenings of 1001 Arabian Nights at The Goldie Room saw festival director and international storyteller Tanya Batt regaling adult tales of "sultana's" chambers, Middle Eastern pre-nups and a pair of wretched slippers.

One moral of the story concluded that "if we fail to let go of things, how much they will hurt us".

Another declared, "It is in the telling of our stories that we heal ourselves."

Ms Batt pays tribute to the festival sponsors and co-organiser Jenness Reeve, reminding people that, "Our festival runs on love, happy-ever-afters and the occasional snip
of gold".


Waiheke Marketplace