Oyster chip gets celebrity nod

23:42, Jun 29 2010
DO US A FLAVOUR: TV One Breakfast show’s Tamati Coffey tries tasty treats with Mikey Havoc.

TV One Breakfast show's roving weather reporter Tamati Coffey flew in from Oman to present the day's forecast from Mudbrick Vineyard as part of the Tasty Thursday Tour to find a new flavour for Bluebird chips.

Locals arrived armed with tasty suggestions – from the weird to the wonderful but all with an island twist – for Mr Coffey and guest judge, radio personality Mikey Havoc to try.

Te Matuku oyster and chip was a favourite of Mr Havoc's, who called it the "choyster", but not so for a school girl, who unceremoniously spat it out under the table.

The coffee bean and chip had heads shaking and the preserved lemons had Mr Coffey sucking in his cheeks.

The flavour that earned the biggest thumbs up from those in front of the cameras was the pesto and feta flavoured chip.

The weather team has been travelling all around New Zealand to find a new flavour for Bluebird.

Two percent of all future sales is on offer for the winning suggestion.


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