Kyren a screen star in the Mysterious World of Sight

17:00, May 01 2012
FILM STAR: Kyren Andrews with sparkling eyes and a big smile.

A film narrated by Local Board member Don McKenzie OBE is being screened at this year's Documentary Edge Festival.

Kyren and the Mysterious World of Sight stars one of the Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind's youngest members Kyren Andrews.

A festival spokesperson says: "Kyren wants to be like the other children in his class, yet he doesn't understand how he's different or why the world is so disorienting.

"He has no concept of what it is to see. The dangers around him; heights, whizzing cars, are all things he hasn't grasped.

"Much to the worry of his mum, Kyren must leave the safety of home taking his first independent steps off to primary school. It's an adventure both scary and exhilarating."

Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind ambassador and past chairman Mr McKenzie says around 20 percent of the film was shot on Waiheke, "largely around Rocky Bay".

Kyren and the Mysterious World of Sight is one of 72 films from New Zealand and around the world to have been selected for the 2012 Festival. The film was first made by Attitude Pictures and shown on television late last year. Once chosen for the film festival it was formatted for the big screen.

The festival is screening at cinemas in Newmarket and Auckland Art Gallery until May 13. Kyren and the Mysterious World of Sight will be shown on May 6 at 11.45am in Newmarket.

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