Mobility parking on agenda

MOBILITY PARKING: Local board member Don McKenzie has put forward a raft of recommendations for disabled parking at Matiatia.
MOBILITY PARKING: Local board member Don McKenzie has put forward a raft of recommendations for disabled parking at Matiatia.

The autonomy held by Auckland Transport was made evident at the June meeting of the Waiheke Local Board when mobility parking at Matiatia was raised again.

The topic was tabled at the May meeting because of ongoing concerns about the disabled parking spaces being moved from outside the ferry building to the front car park.

Three options had been put forward by Auckland Transport.

Board member Don McKenzie met members of the disabled community to find out their preferred option.

At the June meeting he confirmed reconfiguring the space used by boaties into three mobility parking spaces was preferred.

He also recommended "urgent" consideration be given to actioning a more suitable drop-off and pick-up zone close to the ferry terminal for people holding a disability parking permit.

He asked that the zone be under shelter and near a kerb that is mountable by power and self-propelled wheelchairs.

Board member Paul Walden expressed concern as to how and why the parks had been removed in the first place and was assured by Auckland Transport elected liaison member Jonathon Anyon that it had been an Auckland Transport decision.

Mr Walden queried the point, saying the removal of the parking spaces had been discussed at a meeting of local board members with representatives from Auckland Transport and the decision made by board members.

Mr Anyon replied: "That's not how it works. Auckland Transport went forward as it's entitled to do."

Pushed again by Mr Walden about who made the decision to move the parks, Mr Anyon replied Auckland Transport had made it as part of a "suite of decisions".

Questions were raised by board chairwoman Faye Storer as to the disabled parks making a reappearance at their original location in the keyhole on Thursday last week.

Mr Anyon responded that they may have been "inadvertently put back" but had been quickly removed.

Ms Storer asked what provision had been made for disabled parks while the front car park was resealed.

"I was assured they would be provided for," Mr Anyon says.

Also discussed was the provision of mobility access at the Auckland ferry terminal. Mr McKenzie's recommendations, after the meeting with the disabled community, was for Auckland Transport to reconfigure a convenient pick-up and drop-off point at Pier 1 and to negotiate with public transport providers for the hospital bus to use the access point at Pier 1.

Board members Jim Hannan, Ms Storer and Jo Holmes voted to accept the recommendations put forward by Mr McKenzie while Mr Walden voted against.

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