Time to eat the goat?

16:00, Nov 08 2012
GOAT FOR TEA? A goat fed on household scraps can provide a great source for a meal as well.

It may come as a surprise to some but not all food grows in a packet, lives in a refrigerator, or comes with a price tag. There are literally thousands (okay, maybe not thousands but lots anyway) of foods that cost nothing.

If you have plenty of room, get involved in the "Good Life". What about keeping your own animals like chickens, a house cow or milking goat, steers, sheep, ducks, pigs, and so on. You will obviously need some room and not too many close neighbours! Use household scraps to feed the chickens or pigs and a bit of open space to grow swedes or maize for stock food. A house cow or milking goat will produce enough milk to feed your family - with plenty of fresh milk you can make your own butter, cheese, ice-cream and yoghurt, and have lots of milkshakes and milk puddings. Animal manure is also good for your garden, which means heaps of fresh greens to go with your milkshakes and puddings!

There is a surprisingly large amount of free food available for those with a keen eye, a little motivation, and an adventurous appetite!

Do you have a favourite wild food recipe? Send it to us at www.oilyrag.co.nz or write to Living off the Smell of an Oily Rag, PO Box 984, Whangarei and we will share it with others.


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