Birthday wish comes true

19:55, Nov 14 2012
Violet Hollis
WET WAIT: Violet Hollis, 96 yesterday, waits with flowers and a British flag with other members of the Waiheke over 65s flash mob to see if she will meet Prince Charles who she shares her birthday with.

It was a long, wet wait for Violet Hollis who iwas 96 yesterday.

She shares her birthday with 64-year-old Prince Charles and planned to meet him during his visit to downtown Auckland on Monday to celebrate.

Violet is no ordinary nonagenarian. She is a member of the self-named World's Oldest Flash Mob and she and her friends planned to surprise the future king and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall with one of the mob's hip-hop routines.

Prince Charles
ROYAL HIGHNESS: Wet and welcoming, Prince Charles makes sure to speak to everyone while making his way through the crowds.

But the heavens opened and the rain intervened.

Violet was able to quickly offer up her flowers to Camilla who was moving swiftly by, flanked by an entourage of security guards, but Prince Charles crossed the road and missed the mob entirely.

Flash mob manager Billie Jordan stepped in and grabbed Auckland Mayor Len Brown to intervene.


"I begged him to save the day!" she says.

So Violet was pushed in her wheelchair to another position while Mr Brown made sure the prince was there to greet her and the two had their moment.

Violet was born in Glamorgan, Wales in 1916, and says the Prince of Wales shook her hand and bent down so low "I thought I was going to get a kiss".

"He asked me when my birthday was and I said: ‘It's the same as yours'.

"He said: ‘It's lovely to meet you. Look after yourself and I hope you have many more birthdays'."

The prince and his retinue continued on into The Cloud while Violet and the rest of the flash mob performed their musical routine for Mr Brown.

Ms Jordan says Violet was "on an absolute high" after meeting her prince. "Afterwards we went for a McDonald's and sang her Happy Birthday."

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