Cinema's digital bid steps up a gear

16:00, Dec 25 2012
Waiheke Cinema
ICON UPDATE: Fundraising for the cinema’s ‘‘going digital’’ campaign needs one last push to reach its target.

Fundraising for Waiheke Island Community Cinema's "going digital" campaign is past the halfway mark and closing in on the $100,000 target.

The cinema at Artworks in Oneroa began its campaign on May 1 using the talents of John Hawkesby. He challenged everyone to help bring the "greatest little cinema in the universe" into the 21st century.

John shot a short film that has been playing at the cinema to help rouse people into parting with their cash for the cause. That and other fundraisers have seen the total closing in on $60,000.

Waiheke Cinema
FUNDRAISING FACE: John Hawkesby puts his money where his mouth is to back the cinema’s campaign.

He says he will be shooting a new short film to be shown at the cinema over the summer to tempt visitors and holiday home owners to help.

"We are now on the home stretch and there are people coming to the island who have no idea about the cinema's dilemma," he says.

The aim of the community owned cinema, which is run by volunteers as a charitable trust, is to wrap up the fundraising by the end of January.


Waiheke Cinema made the decision to switch to digital so it will be able to screen bang up-to-date new releases that have only been released on the digital format. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones was the first all-digital live action feature.

No film was used in its creation until film copies had to be made for theatres without digital cinema projectors.

Digital presentations do not get scratched, fade, or suffer the other problems that film experiences, especially after being played for an extended time. The picture and sound should be as good on day 100 as on day one.

Contribute to the cinema's Going Digital by dropping a coin in the box at the cinema or online: ASB account 12-3114-0112872-01.


Over the summer holidays Artworks cinema-goers can expect to see: Sir Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The critically acclaimed arthouse movie Beasts of the Southern Wild. Children will enjoy Rise of the Guardians. Woody Allen's new release To Rome with Love. The comedy drama The Intouchables. James Bond's Skyfall.

Phone 372 4240 for dates and times. 

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