Builders help assault victim

23:36, Jan 23 2013

Quick thinking builders did their bit help to help an English tourist who says she was sexually assaulted on a walkway overlooking Owhanake Bay on Waiheke Island.

The owner of a building company working on a site on the gated Delamore Estate was on the scaffold when a woman came on to the driveway at 3.30pm on Wednesday and called for assistance.

"I did a double take. Her face was bruised, bloody and purple. We took her in the garage, sat her down and gave her water while she phoned the police.

"I called to a couple of the boys to come down. They rushed down the track but couldn't find the attacker so they came back."

One of the builders jumped in a car and drove through the Delamore gates around to Korora Rd and down to Owhanake Bay where the track ends. Another went with the police in the same direction shortly afterwards.

"The police eagle helicopter was on the scene within five minutes," the builder says.


Sgt Peter Knight says a 17-year-old suspect was apprehended as a result of the search and charged with intent to injure, unlawful sexual connection and possession of cannabis.

The 29-year-old victim arrived in the country on January 21 and was on a day-trip to the island, Mr Knight says.

She is now in Auckland.

Mr Knight assures people the island is safe but says common sense should always prevail

"This is a one-off but it is always safer if you walk in groups or go out in groups at night."

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