Girls leading the way at Waiheke High

WELL DONE: Waiheke High School head boy and girl Julion Wright and Magdalena Hoult.
WELL DONE: Waiheke High School head boy and girl Julion Wright and Magdalena Hoult.

It's all about "girl power" this year at Waiheke High School, with six of its eight prefects of the female variety.

Heading up the Class of 2013 are Julion Wright and Magdalena Hoult.

The pair are ready to take on their head prefect responsibilities after a week at a course at AUT held annually for new school prefects to get them into the mindset of leaders and achievers.

Magdalena says the course was really useful with the prefects coming away with a mission statement and a clear idea of where they see themselves in the school hierarchy.

Julion says they will not be so much entertainers, like last year's prefects, but they will be organised and make sure they see all their projects and ideas through to the end.

Magdalena says their aim is to make the school more inclusive.

"We want to make sure everyone feels included."

They say they will be leading not from above but from within "so everyone is on the same level".

"We will be more like facilitators," Julion says.

Magdalena believes she is in touch with all levels of the school, partly because her mother is a teacher there. She would like to see the school move more into English and the visual arts. "These are my strengths."

As a student representative on the school's Board of Trustees, Julion believes he has the experience to organise the group of prefects. The rugby player is also an accomplished guitarist and, according to principal Neil Watson, a high achiever who will be in the running for Dux of Waiheke High School.

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