Chopper faces cuts

16:00, Mar 11 2014
Rescue helicopter
SAVING LIVES: The Auckland Rescue Trust helicopter fleet, sponsored by Westpac, does around 1000 emergency missions every year – with a third on Waiheke.

The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust is fighting to stop its funding being slashed by more than $1 million from July this year.

Representatives from the trust were presenting submissions to the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board at 9.30am as Waiheke Marketplace went to press on Tuesday.

The trust and board are already involved in litigation over the board's decision to cut funding from $1.5 m, identified by Parliament as fair, to $450,000.

The trust will be making announcements about the next step in its campaign to have funding restored to the level it believes is required to continue its emergency rescue missions.

It carries out nearly 1000 rescues every year, getting people with emergency conditions to hospital quickly, with around a third on Waiheke.

This year's big fundraising event on the island raised more than $195,000 for the trust.


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