Suspected poisonous pipis at Onetangi

People are being warned not to eat shellfish collected from Onetangi Beach or they might get sick.

Auckland Regional Health Service has notified a suspected case of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning because someone became ill an hour after eating pipis on Sunday.

Their symptoms included dizziness, tingling of fingers and toes, tingling and swelling of the tongue, nausea and diarrhoea.

The Ministry of Primary Industries is taking shellfish samples from the beach today, and expects to have results by next week.

Meanwhile, medical officer of health Dr Simon Baker is urging people to be careful.

''While this is not a confirmed case, all the symptoms are consistent with Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning."

Other symptoms can include numbness around the mouth, face or extremities, difficulties with swallowing or breathing, double vision, weakness and clumsiness, slurred speech and, in severe cases, paralysis and respiratory failure.

Call 111 if you experience symptoms after eating shellfish, keep any leftover shellfish so it can be tested, and contact the regional health service on 09 623 4600.

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