Baby slings bring peace to mums

17:00, Sep 16 2009
SLING LOW: From left: Julie Wright-Winslow, with 17-month-old Charlie Winslow, Jessica Richards, carrying four-month-old Lorelai and Rochelle Jansen and her two-year-old Ava.

Trying to settle a restless baby will drive most parents up the wall.

Mother of three Jessica Richards experienced it first hand with her eldest son Xander.

But she’s found a cheap and easy solution to her problem. 

And she wants to share it with others.

Her first child had bad wind and colic symptoms and was only happy when being held.

Jessica started looking for ways to help him and discovered baby slings.


“I was searching for answers and was feeling really frustrated,” the Ranui resident says.

“I saw these on the internet so when I had my second baby I made sure I used one from the outset and the difference was really noticeable.

“The child was calmer and her needs were being met,” she says.

Jessica has now started the Slingbabies support group in Henderson Heights.

It meets on the second Friday of every month and is a non-profit organisation that educates parents about different carriers they can use.

And don’t worry if finances are tight – slings can be made from everyday items around the house.

“You can pay as little or as much as you like,” Jessica  says.

“You can do it with a table cloth or pay $200.”

She says slings allow newborns to be close to a parent while freeing up the wearer to can get on with everyday tasks.

“We’d get nothing done if we were constantly carrying a whinging baby,” she says.

“So if you’re going to be holding them it’s better to wear something that’s comfortable and gets the weight off your arms.

“When you have a baby life goes on – dishes need doing, there’s shopping and chores – and this way everyone is happy.”

International Babywearing Week starts on September 21 and Jessica’s group is holding a special fundraising and information day at the Sturges West Community House on Friday, September 25.

Money raised at the event will go towards supporting mums with premature babies who are being cared for at Auckland Hospital.

The free day will also include a sausage sizzle, bouncy castle, raffles and sling demonstrations.

- Go online to for more information.

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