Blockhouse Bay of old told in film

16:00, Oct 29 2009
Gail Fotheringham
COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Gail Fotheringham has enjoyed putting some of Blockhouse Bay’s stories on to the big screen.

The stories behind one of west Auckland’s oldest suburbs will be showcased tomorrow during a special premiere screening of The Blockhouse Bay Living History Project.

The movie will screen at the suburb’s community centre from noon to 2.30pm and will feature five older people re-telling some of their treasured memories.

Auckland City Council’s Gail Fotheringham helped come up with the idea and says it’s been an exciting project to be part of.

"These people had amazing stories which were needing to be told," she says.

"This place has been transformed during their lifetimes and they have been a part of that change."

A DVD of the film will also be distributed among schools, libraries and community centres.


Gail is confident it will show the younger generation what a rich history Blockhouse Bay has.

"This used to be somewhere people came for their summer holidays," the 45-year-old says. "There was no sewerage, no communication systems and not many roads.

"I don’t think the children of today could imagine that cows used to be a common sight around here."

Light refreshments will be provided.

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