Whatever happened to Jimmy?

It's not the kind of thing anyone would want to hear about their father.

Louis Peau was shocked to read that his dad Jimmy was in financial strife and had sometimes been forced to live on the streets of Las Vegas.

The news broke in March, but Louis says things weren't quite as bad as he first thought.

The 22-year-old doesn't have too much contact with Jimmy but was relieved to learn he works as a personal trainer and part-time bodyguard. Life is looking a little rosier.

Louis spent most of his childhood in the United States moving around Nevada, New Mexico and Pennsylvania as his father forged out a career.

But he has very little memory of it.

"I only have flashes of what I did back then," he says.

"It's now a bit of a blur since I returned to New Zealand."

One memory does stick with him – being the only Polynesian in his class.

"Everywhere I went people asked if I was Mexican or Filipino," he says.

Jimmy Thunder retired from boxing in 2002.

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