Prostitute comments 'made up'

22:31, Aug 29 2012

A probation officer made up comments about providing a paedophile with a prostitute dressed as a child, the Corrections Department says.

The Western Leader reported on August 21 that a probation officer was recorded saying he'd worked out a plan to help a child sex offender integrate into the community.

"We'll go out to get a prostitute who comes to the house and she dresses up as a child," the recording says.

"Instead of snatching someone or lurking in the bushes or progressing into something that could possibly put him into trouble he knows, he rings, happy fun times and she comes over, dresses up, does her bit and the pressure's gone. He's OK."

The Corrections Department suspended a probation officer and investigated the recording.

Its preliminary investigation says the officer admitted the conversation took place but says he made up the example.


Corrections community probation manager Alastair Riach says a close examination of the officer's current and past caseloads show he has not managed child sex offenders or received training to do so.

"Corrections does not provide or pay for the provision of prostitutes to any offenders," Mr Riach says.

"We are satisfied that this is an isolated incident where a staff member has made ill-judged comments which are not in line with any probation training or procedures."

The West Auckland resident who was managed by the officer and recorded the conversation doesn't understand why he would make up the example.

"And if he is I don't see how that would help someone on probation get on the straight and narrow."

The department won't comment on possible disciplinary actions until an employment investigation is complete.

Western Leader