Double the happiness

21:49, Oct 03 2012
DOUBLE CHARM: Taryn Wallace, with her 8-month-old twins Zoe and Jade Baker, says the Waitakere Multiple Birth Club has been a great help to her and partner Dan.

Two's a charm for doting parents Dan Baker and Taryn Wallace.

The Ranui residents are parents to 8-month-old Jade and Zoe and are members of the Waitakere Multiple Birth Club.

It's Multiple Birth Awareness Week, a time for parents to celebrate their children and reach out to other multi-birth families.

Mr Baker and Ms Wallace say joining the club gave them advice and guidance.

"We wanted information about what to expect," Ms Wallace says.

"Having two babies isn't the same as having one. There are some things a parent-of-one will just not understand. Everything is double and takes twice the amount of work."


And things get even harder when Mr Baker heads to work.

The Waitakere club is a non-profit organisation run out of the Kelston Community Centre.

It has 40 members but needs more to help keep the group going.

Former president Lisa Rose says it needs a new board and members want to keep the club's playcentre open.

"We're ready to move on and hand over our roles. The Waitakere club provides an excellent playgroup and resources for new parents and we're very reluctant to let that fade into the background," she says.

Families will be forced to travel to North Shore or Onehunga clubs if the Waitakere group is unable to find new members by January.

That trip would be too much for Mr Baker and Ms Wallace who are on one income during maternity leave.

"It's a big trek when you consider the cost of petrol. It would be so far to travel, there would almost be no point," Ms Wallace says. "Loading the twins in the car to travel to Kelston is a mission in itself."

The club offers playgroups twice a month, newsletters, information evenings and special events.

Mr Baker and Ms Wallace say having twins is hard work but it's also double the joy.

"Each milestone is reached twice and it's twice the charm. I would not trade them for anything," Ms Wallace says.

"It's so special with twins because they're born with a mate. Most of us have to grow up and find one but for them they're born with each other."

Call the Waitakere club on 834 3453.

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