Ignite performers confront issues

16:00, Nov 06 2012
Gold Ink
PASSIONATE PERFORMERS: Gold Ink performers, from left, Lavinia Uhila, 24, Hadleigh Pouesi, 24, and Nyrene Crowley, 23, will celebrate pacific culture at Ignite 2012.

Pacific people are known for the colourful way they share stories through song, dance and drama.

And among those using Ignite 2012 as an opportunity to do just that are Hadleigh Pouesi, Lavinia Uhila and Nyrene Crowley.

The three performing artists are part of Pacific group Gold Ink, and will use the event as a platform to share stories and reach out to the audience.

Ignite 2012 celebrates Pacific culture and heritage and will be on at the Corban Estate Arts Centre on Thursday.

Mr Pouesi, 24, is of Samoan Maori descent and lives in Kelston.

"Gold Ink uses the arts as a vehicle to tackle the issues that are affecting our young people, families and communities," he says.


"There are a lot of big issues that are taboo to talk about, like suicide, especially in the Pacific community. It‘s a huge issue, and it's something you don't want to talk about."

Gold Ink is a group in which performers use performing arts to create concepts that are not only entertaining, but thought provoking.

"We want to not only blow the audience away with our talent, but our main objective is to tell stories and advocate for the voice of our community," Mr Pouesi says.

Lavinia Uhila, of Ranui, is Tongan.

She says Gold Ink aims for truth in its performances and the messages it portrays.

"Our ancestors have always been known for story telling through oral, music and chants," she says.

"I think for Pacific people, the story telling happens organically. It's part of who we are. Hopefully the audience will feel that mana and pride."

Nyrene Crowley, 23, is half Samoan and says Pacific people are known for their passion for the arts.

"We are quite vibrant and known for being loud. Coming from that culture and embracing the arts is something we're quite good at," she says.

Miss Crowley says she learns a lot from performing.

"I'm still learning. Performing is a diverse dynamic and a performing arts team is different to a sports team. You learn so much on stage and around people that are involved in the industry," she says.

Gold Ink was established five months ago as part of Phoenix New Zealand Young Performers, a performing arts mentoring programme that develops and refines young artists.

Ignite 2012 is at Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson on November 8, 6.30pm. Entry by gold coin donation.

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