Armed robber keeps on coming back

16:00, Nov 08 2012
FRUSTRATED OWNER: Naresh Patel says he’s sick of his dairy being targeted by the same armed offender.

Naresh Patel is fed up with repeated armed robberies at his Glen Eden superette.

The Glengarry Minimart which Mr Patel and his wife Jayshree have owned for 23 years without major incident has become a target of a knife-wielding offender.

Mr Patel was in the store one afternoon in August when he was first approached by the man who made him empty his till and cigarette case at knifepoint.

INFORMATION WANTED: Call police if you have information about this man.

A week later the same man came back again for more, but this time he brought a black plastic bag along to collect more cash and cigarettes.

Mrs Patel says the two attacks left the couple shaken and they feared that he would return.

"We are frightened," she says.


"He just keeps coming back."

The couple installed a security screen on the steel door which protects the back of the store and installed a new lock.

The same man came for more in October when Mrs Patel's sister, who didn't want to be named, was minding the store.

"I was watching from the back behind the bars. He came in walking holding his hand and started running. I shut the door and called the police."

The man became infuriated and began yelling.

He left the mini mart empty-handed.

Mrs Patel has noticed the man does not touch anything during the robberies.

Detective Corey Brown says the robberies are of great concern to the police.

"The brazenness of the offender is of great concern to us and we're working with the store owners about what we can do."

The police would like to speak to anyone who recognises the man pictured.

Call Detective Corey Brown on 839 0628 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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