Jetman flying at big show

21:25, Nov 21 2012
FLYING HIGH: Jetman is coming to Dairy Flat for the first New Zealand International Air Show.

It's a bird, it's a plane - no it's Jetman.

The first New Zealand International Air Show hosted at North Shore Aero Club in Dairy Flat has announced Yves Rossy, famously known as the Jetman, will headline the event over Auckland Anniversary Weekend next year.

Jetman is the world's top aviation act and the only human being to be able to fly like a jet.

He will be part of the three-day show with organisers to announce more international acts in coming weeks.

The Jetman will be lifted in a helicopter to around 5000 feet by North Shore club helicopter pilot Roy Crane before taking off, flying and parachute landing at the air field.

Communications director Fiona Fenwick says the show will make history.


"In a world first we will have helicopters up there filming him and he will have his own camera on his helmet and a microphone so he can communicate with the audience," she says.

Spectators will be able to watch the action on a number of large TV screens on the ground.

Jetman's flights over the Grand Canyon, The English Channel and Rio de Janeiro have all attracted massive global media attention and captured the imagination of everyone who has ever dreamed of flying.

"I can't wait to fly in New Zealand," Mr Rossy says, speaking from his base in the Swiss Alps.

"It will be the first time my flights have been covered live by cameras onto big screens so that spectators will really be able to experience what it's like to fly at 200 kilometres an hour

"I'm thrilled to be part of taking air shows to the next generation."

Organisers are calling the show a modern adaption of a traditional air show with a more ‘close up' and personal feel.

"Traditionally people would watch from the ground and often only see from a distance, but we are helping turn it into a family event where people can see what is going on," Ms Fenwick says.

The international air show will coincide with North Shore Club's 50th anniversary year.

"We are honoured and excited about the idea about hosting the event," North Shore Aero Club spokesman Trevor Dance says.

Displays will include head to head international air racing, air sports competitions, fast military jets, civilian aircraft, experimental aircraft and more.

Earlybird tickets are on sale now at

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