Blitz week on driver texting

16:00, Nov 22 2012

Waitakere Police will be running a seven-day blitz on drivers using cellphones while driving from Monday.

The campaign coincides with the three year anniversary of the laws banning mobile phone use while driving. Senior Sergeant Claire Humble says the campaign is aimed at reminding drivers to remain vigilant when driving.

Although the law allows the use of hands-free mobile phones, police recommend that drivers either switch phones off while driving or pull over to make or receive calls. It is only legal to use a mobile phone to make, receive or end a call when driving if the driver does not have to hold or use the phone or phone is securely mounted to the vehicle and the driver touches the phone infrequently and briefly.

The rule does not allow drivers to create, send or read text messages under any circumstances.

"This law has been in place now for three years and there is no excuse for people failing to comply with this legislation," Ms Humble says.

Officers warn they'll be taking a very firm approach to let the public know they are serious about the issue.

Police will also be checking to ensure all vehicle occupants are wearing safety belts.

"These are two very simple things to do to make your journey safe. We want every journey to be a safer journey for every road user," she says.


Western Leader