Facebook fiasco clarified

The Glen Eden Intermediate School teacher who posted racy photographs of herself on Facebook, didn't violate Teachers Council Professional Standards, her school has found.

On Wednesday, Glen Eden Intermediate School principal Terry Hewetson and board of trustees chairman Patrick Baker wrote to the school's parents. Kylie Fullerton had not breached the professional standards teachers were expected to adhere to, they said, but appropriate action had been taken.

"The board of trustees review our cyber safety policies with staff and students and are confident that appropriate action has been followed," the letter says.

The 34-year-old hit headlines last month after posting pictures of herself in a red bikini.

That and another picture of her wearing high heels, lace underwear and a business shirt, were later circulated by her students.

At the time of the incident, Ms Fullerton's Facebook page reportedly recorded her occupation and place of work but the letter sent out by the school this week says this was untrue.

"The media also reported that students had access to the Facebook page," they write.

"Again, this was a false assumption and was not true."

While Mr Hewetson was not available for comment by the time the Western Leader went to print, he used the letter to thank parents for supporting the school and Ms Fullerton.

"Many thanks to all those parents who have supported the staff member and sent positive emails stating their dislike of absolutely abhorrent tabloid journalism," Mr Hewetson writes.

"We have always focused on providing the highest standard of education for our pupils and have always acted in their best interest," he writes.

He says they will continue to review policies concerning cyber safety as part of their annual review process.

Western Leader