Funky folk and rock sounds at summer

21:55, Nov 28 2012
GOLDEN BOY: Musician Rod Redgrave will play with The Dave Alley Band at the Kiwi Summer Series at Kiwi Valley Farm Park, which begins tonight.

Rod Redgrave never imagined how far his talents would take him when he placed an advertisement in the paper, expressing his interest in belonging to a blues band.

Ten years later, the Titirangi resident now plays in a range of groups, including The Dave Alley Band, who will kick off the Kiwi Valley Summer Series today.

"Dave Alley replied to my ad, wanting to be in the band. We never got that blues band up and running but we did other things instead," Mr Redgrave says.

After picking up other musicians along the way, including violin and mandolin player Jono Lonie and bass guitarist Alex Griffith, The Dave Alley Band came together to produce a unique sound.

"We are a little bit bluesy, but we have more of a celtic, funky folk and rock sound to us," he says.

"We also throw in some African and Latin percussion beats. It's a bit of a mix of all those factors coming together.


"You wouldn't think you could have funky and Celtic but the sounds seem to work out and blend in together," he says.

Mr Redgrave, who also works as a locksmith, is excited to perform at the Summer Series - a collection of summer concerts held at Kiwi Valley Farm Park from November through to April 2013.

The Dave Alley Band will be supported by well-known New Zealand musician Dave Kahn.

Other acts lined up for the series include The Nukes and BlackSandDiva, to name a few.

Although he can play an impressive array of instruments including percussion and bass guitar, Mr Redgrave sticks to playing the drums in The Dave Alley Band.

He learned the drums at school but says the majority of his musical talent is self taught.

"I learned a little bit at school and I do have a bit of training in African percussion," he says.

"I got into African drumming and have incorporated elements of that into The Dave Alley Band."

The band has performed to audiences around New Zealand and will debut new songs as well as originals written by Dave Alley at the Summer Series concert.

Concert organiser Catherine Tunks from Toi Toi Music says the summer series provides an opportunity for musicians to showcase their talents.

"In West Auckland, we have to create opportunities for local artists. We have so many amazing events in beautiful places," she says.

Owner of Kiwi Valley Farm Park, Kathy Park, says the concert works towards drawing people to West Auckland.

"We want to create a place where people can appreciate each other and the music. It's about drawing Auckland out west and knowing they will be pleasantly surprised with the quality and experience of the musicians," she says.

"We wanted to create something where musicians can perform in front of people and continue to grow. It's about bringing people together."

Brought together by Toi Toi Music, and with support from Auckland Council, Corazon Wines and Kiwi Valley Farm Park, the Kiwi Valley Summer Series begins tonight at 7pm at the farm park, down Henderson Valley Rd.

Email toitoimusic@gmail. com or call 812 8571 to book tickets.

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